Angela Palmer-Rose

Co-Founder and President Angela Palmer-Rose, a former media executive, brings a wealth of talent and skill to the Boutiqae Group.  At the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), she was responsible for overseeing the development of documentary television and digital media content, project funding for underrepresented filmmakers, and training to cultivate the next generation of diverse media makers.  She also has a background in marketing,  business development, executing national outreach events and planning promotional marketing tours for C-SPAN and NUE-TV, a Quincy Jones venture.  Her passion for creative arts is augmented by  experience in project management, overseeing multi-million dollar budgets, and negotiation skills. 

Palmer-Rose has  an undergraduate degree in Communications and earned a M.A. in Organizational Development. This expertise and keen attention to customer service provides her with the unique ability to attract and address the intricate needs of a wide array of clients.

BG is large enough to handle any project, but small enough to provide you with

personalized, hands-on service.

Fredi PrEvost

Fredi Prevost was Co-founder of Boutiqae Group.  The daughter of a successful developer, her expertise as Creative Design Director proved to be invaluable during the company's early growth and development.  In 2018, Prevost transitioned from Boutiqae Group‚Äč to focus on new ventures. Since her departure, Fredi has been operating in the real estate investment arena and partners with Boutiqae Group to provide construction services and creative design solutions for the expanded customer base. 

As Proprietor at Massage and Restorative Therapeutics, Prevost understands the importance of influencing mind, body and spirit connection. Her passion and strengths enable her to design interior living environments that are necessary for maintaining a healthy balance in spiritual, mental, and physical domains.          

About BG

Our team includes licensed and bonded craftsmen, communications,  and staging experts with the technical expertise to help you arrive at your design destination.

Boutiqae Group is a woman owned Washington, DC Certified Business Enterprise (CBE).  Our partners are 8(a), MDOT & WMATA Certified, and veteran business professionals.